Monday, January 17, 2011

Silver Laced Polish Flock

My silver laced polish flock is still growing.  I have 2 young hens from last summer and one hen that is 2 years old.  So I only need a rooster right?  Well I am raising some chicks for that.

Here are a picture of the two young pullets in fall.  Their crests got so muddy and wet I had to cut them shorter.  Above are before pics.  Here are some more

This last one is after the hair cuts. Is that a buzz or what?  I find it makes them healthier so they don't get wet crests and then get chilled.

This is Friendly, my older hen.  She is so friendly because she cannot see you coming. =}  All the hens are from a nice small hatchery that unfortunately has gone out of business.  It is called Leon Valley Hatching Co.  They had great quality birds!

Here are my young silver laced polish.  They are from Privett Hatchery, I hope they turn out nicely.  There are 3 boys in there to choose from.  They are currently 6 wks old.  I hope to have this breeding flock up and going summer 2010.


  1. I am in awe at your older hen! Look at the lacing on her crest!

  2. Thank you! She has always been my favorite! Can't wait to start breeding and hatching her eggs. But it will be a little while before those little boys are up to it. }

  3. Hi there!

    Polish Chickens - What a fun Breed of Chicken!

    What lovely birds you have! I especially like the image of your White Crested Blue Polish hen above.

    We adore our Frizzle Polish chickens. The roosters really do look like rock stars! The hens look like Jaqceline Kennedy in a hat.

    We will be wanting to add some Silver Laced Polish to our line to increase the lacing on our very well frizzled chickens.

    Where will you be selling eggs and chicks?
    We'll keep an eye out!

    -- MadelineHere
    @ChickenHeritage on Twitter