Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bird Health

Bird health is such a huge area to cover.  I am going to start with a few things and ad to it as I can.

General health issues
Here is a good site for some things like broodiness, coxi,  mareks, bugs, worms, moulting etc.;
I will warn you that they try to sell you their products, but you can decide if that is right for you.
Here is another one with lots of info.;

Here is a good article on preventative healthy measures;

Hen Aprons
When you have a hen that has a bare back because your rooster is too amorous, then you need a chicken apron.  Here is a site with a pattern to make your own;
Or, if you don't have time to make one, here is a site that only charge $5 each with free shipping!

Chicken Pooh
Here is an informative post on chicken pooh!  It shows what healthy pooh looks like and some unhealthy pooh too.

Here is some info on vaccines;
How to vaccinate for Marek's:

Worming and Bugs
Here is info on worming your chickens;
Here is a site with deworming and debugging info;

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