Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lots going on at the farm

Hi all!  Our farm has been very busy lately!  I have sold many extra birds and roosters.  I ended up selling my golden laced polish girls and found a home for Maestro the mottled houdan roo.  I had too many pens and needed to consolidate, but when I added my glp girls to my other polish, they picked on them badly. 

I must've accidentally left the quail cage latch undone because they all got out.  The kids recovered two females and I sold them and the two doves left as I just feel overwhelmed with animal care.  It was worth a try.  Here are some pics of the doves.

Our last batch of bunnies (7) are getting big quickly.  They are 1 month old now and very cute and active.  I moved them and mama to a bigger cage so they have some room to play.  Here are a couple.

I bred both the other American Chinchilla does and one had her litter today!  There are 12 babies!!!  I forget how little they are!  The other mom should be kitting shortly.

I have also decided that I don't like the buttercups as much as I thought I did.  They are quite flighty and high strung.  I prefer more laid back and friendly birds.  So they are for sale.

After much thought, some anguish,  trying to pen different birds together and much fighting between the ganders I have decided to sell a trio of my Sebastopol geese.  So I will keep Baby Nibbles, Glad (her mate) and their gosling (Izzie).   They just wont stop fighting, even the girls were fighting each other and I can't see keeping them in separate pens all the time.  Here is a recent pic of Izzie.  She is growing very quickly and is very friendly.

Well today I had my first sale to a store!  Agnew farm and feed store ordered 25 of my cochin chicks to sell.  Only 16 hatched, but I delivered them today and traded bird feed for them.  Good deal!  He is also interested in bunnies and ducklings for Easter.  Very exciting!

The big thing coming up right now is the Oregon Swap.  I have about 30 birds already reserved by people and I am bringing many more.  My kids are making up organic chicken treat baggies to sell, beaded keychains and maybe chocolate eggs.  We are all excited!  The van will be packed, my friend Celia and I will make it a day trip, get up early head to Portland, OR, do the swap, then head home.  Hopefully I will be coming home with less birds than going down. =}

I will have lots of ducklings and a few misc chicken eggs hatching this weekend.    Well I better go clean some coops!  Have a happy Easter if I don't talk you before then!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From Benji to Izzie

Well we decided to keep our first little gosling.  We believe she is a girl, so we had to change her name!  We chose Izzie.  She is growing like a weed!  Here is a better pic of her when little.

She makes a different sounds than the ducklings or chicks, so is very unique.  She loves attention and will peep for it if she is feeling like a snuggle.  I have two ducklings in with her for company.  She is very active and loves different foods.  Her favorite is lettuce!  I was sitting in my lazy boy chair about 3 feet away from her and she flung lettuce at me! te he  I will wait a little longer before taking pics so you can see her growing!

Our little bunnies are getting big very quickly!  They are now the size of two fists!  They are coming out of the box and roaming around the cage.  Here is a cute pic.

A few of my silkie hens have started laying and so I of course put them in the incubator.  =}  Look at the cuties I got out after 21 days!