Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frizzled Polish Flock

Here is my frizzle rooster.  He is half frizzle blue polish and his dad is my crele polish roo.  His crest is cut right now from fall.
Here are the 10 hens with him.  There are 5 splash, 2 white crested blue, 1 blue, 1 lav and 1 buff barred.

This buff girl has her crest cut too.

Here are some pics of chicks from this flock.

Th one in the middle back and right back are from other polish flocks.


  1. I am very interested in frizzle polish. Will you be selling chicks?

  2. I am currently hatching test eggs to make sure they are fertile. I will have chicks in the next month of so. Where are you located?

  3. Sara, I have chicks and fertile eggs for sale now.

  4. Sherry. The kids had a lovely time today talking about chickens, visiting with 2 of mine (but not Polish) and putting your eggs in the incubator. I THINK I shared your blog site with them, but just in case-can you contact them and share it as well?: Shelleyws@aol.com and morourke@sayreschool.org,. They are very excited about seeing the parents and having good pictures to paint from. They each have to illustrate a hard bound book about the chickens and the hatching process..

  5. Hi I am intersted in hatching eggs if you could contact me my email is fromflufftofeathers@gmail.com