Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hatcheries and Breeders


Here is an extensive list of hatcheries and their minimum orders:
Here is a page with commercial hatchery reviews:
The ones I have used are:

Farwest (in Or and sounds great, but I had a bad experience in Spring of 2011-over 100 chicks got lost at the airport-but this is their opening year-I would like to try them again-nice selection!)
Leon Valley Trading Co- was my all time favorite hatcherybreeder!!  I ordered hatching eggs and got beautiful birds!!  Unfortunately they are closed now.={
Metzer- my all time favorite for waterfowl!  They sex the ducklings!!  Wonderful birds and they sent extras too!
Murray McMurray- I wasn't impressed.  They mixed up my order and I cancelled it. A lot of people swear by them though.
Privett (ok service for the small order-when I ordered straight run in winter they were almost all boys!) (This is the hatchery that all of our local feed store use around here.)
Welp-I wasn't too impressed.  I got two of the wrong breeds and they would only refund my money, not the shipping costs.  Birds were of decent hatchery quality.

*Note: There are often people that only want a few birds and don't meet the minimum orders. If you are one of them, let me know and I will try to get an order together with some friends.  We bird hoarders are always willing to order more. =}

 Breeders Lists

Here is a complete breeders list (by breed): is a breeders list (by state):
Here is a BYC sellers review page:

*Note: It is always nice to support local breeders too. (like me!)

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