Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mille Fleur banty Cochins

I think these birds are my new favorite breed!  They are so pretty and friendly too!  I bought 2 trios, so I put one roo with the 4 girls and then put the other roo with my 3 mottled cochins in the garden.  We ended up having to put down David's bird, Pee Wee.  He broke his leg somehow and couldn't walk on it. Here are some pics of my new favs.  They are one year old so they already laying, and 3 of them have already gone broody.  =} 

They are a fairly new coloring of banty cochins.  The coloring is from the mille fleur d'uccles.  I love them!  I have already hatched their first egg laid here.

Here is the other roo with his mottled girls in the garden.

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  1. Hi, I will be looking for runner duck hatching eggs soon. I have had runners in the past and miss them. I have a small flock of purebred bantams and would love to add some mille cochins. I have one mille fleur who is over 12 years old now! Please let me know if you would have eggs available. Glee Salveson, Paradise, Ca. 530-877-2737