Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have a Sebastopol goose setting on 6 eggs and they are due to hatch on Easter!!  So eggsciting!

THE GOSLINGS ARE HERE!!!  My geese usually start to lay around Valentine's Day, so about a month later, the goslings are hatching!  My first clutch is of 3 goslings, 2 are sebbie/toulouse crosses and 1 is a white sebbie.  They are so adorable, lovable and fun to play with!  They are like puppies!  Here is the first batch and they went to their new home yesterday.

Is this cuteness overload or what????  They cuddle up in the sunshine on my leg to nap!  AWWW!

It is definitely spring, the girls have started laying like crazy!!  We are getting like 30 dozen chicken eggs and about 12 dozen duck and about 10-12 goose eggs a week!  Woot, woot!

That is a lot of washing people!  Good thing I have child labor on my side.  te he
Anyone want to buy some farm fresh eggs?  I sell them for $3.50/dz for chicken, $5.00 for duck, and $1/per egg for goose.