Saturday, February 2, 2013

Most of my birds are kept in the pasture part of our property, but once in a while you get a rogue that learns how to get out and roam in the yard.  Here are a few.

This is a buckeye hen that would come up on our back deck and perch on a stool outside my window and look in while I was on my computer!  Buckeyes are so curious!

During spring and fall my birds are busy molting.  When my ducks molt, they loose the wing feathers that I have clipped and get a full set of feathers.  Then they start to fly around and land on buildings.
Here are some funny pics of muscovies all over the place.
 This hen is on top of my hubby's shop.  The roof is at least 20 ft tall!

These two are on top of chicken coops.  They love to look down at you as you walk by, like "What are you doing down there?"  ha ha

Here is a fun pic that Shyanne and I set up for a photo contest last year on Face book.