Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Muscovy Ducks

Only a face a mother could love right?  Well at first I thought they were really ugly, but they grow on you!  The white one in the background is "DUCK".    He is the main man in our muscovy flock.  There are several other teen boys, but they are headed for the freezer soon.  Muscovy ducks get very large and are mainly raised for meat birds.  The last one I butchered and boned out was 5 lbs of meat!  Duck sausage-YUM!

 Here is Duck.

 Here is Duck, showing off. =}

 Here is a blue hen. They lay huge eggs and are great mamas!

 Here is a brown and white hen.
Here is a really pretty black and white hen.
Here is a nest under my chicken coop that my scovies laid and a hen is setting on them.
Here is a mama that raised 27 ducklings last year!!

I often sell hatching egg and ducklings from this flock.  I have 20 muscovies and 2 drakes.


  1. Your Birds are absolutely Beautiful!! :D

  2. Thank you! Those are the ones that lay the really big eggs!