Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Storage of Hatching Eggs

Storing Hatching Eggs Correctly

Temperature-hatching eggs should be stored between 50-75 degrees.  The optimal temp is around 60, they say, but I have always stored them in our house and I have great hatch rates.  Remember not to let them get too cold or hot when out in the coop.
Small end down-you always want to store hatching eggs vertically with their small end down and larger end up.  This keeps the air sac up and situates the yolk optimally.  I just store mine in an egg carton.
Turning-everywhere I have read that you are supposed to turn the eggs at least twice a day like when they are incubating, but I don't do it and mine hatch just fine.
Length to store- I have found that after 10 days the eggs start to loose their fertility.  I don't use eggs that are older than 10 days.

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