Tuesday, November 8, 2011

David's Buff Brahma Flock

 Here are David's (my son) Buff Brahmas.  They are hatchery birds, from Privett, but they are gorgeous!  This breed is known for it's large size, laid back disposition and reportedly huge eggs!  I bought 33 of these chick in spring with the plan of keeping a small flock for myself and selling the rest.  Well David had allowance money when we bought them and he decided that he wanted his own flock of chickens.  So here they are!  They are grown up, laying now and very nice birds!  I love this breed.  They are my replacements for Giant Cochins.  Even though all of them are not laying yet, they are still outlaying the Cochins.

Here are a couple of the hens.  He has 6 hens and the roo.  Come Spring 2012 David will be selling hatching eggs and chicks. Contact me for availability.

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