Friday, January 7, 2011

My Sebbies!

I have a flock of 15 Sebastopol Geese. Sebastopol geese are known for docile, friendly, quiet as far as most geese go and have long curly white feathers.  My original trio came from Holderread stock all three hatched in 2010.  All of my whites have curly breasts.

This is Baby Nibbles, she is the sweetest of the bunch and will gladly let me pet her.  She is my baby!
This is Glad, the gander.  These guys are so nice, they follow me around like puppy dogs!  When they fall behind or don't see me leave, they honk and run after me! So cute!  They are more like dogs than birds.  

 Here they all are playing in the pool. 
 Grazing the back yard.  My eye candy!

I love my Sebastopols so much I decided to hatch some more in 2012  I hatched 3 babies in my incubator and Snow White hatched 5 goslings on her own in 2012.
In 2012, I bought some more white sebs from Celtic Oak Farms in Florida,  so I could have some diversity in my bloodlines.

In 2013, I have trios of my white sebastopols (which also throw dilute splashes) in separate breeding pens.  I do not sell hatching eggs.  I hatch all of their eggs.  I have goslings for sale now.  I hatch and hand raise all of my goslings so they are people friendly.  These birds are for pets or show.
Here are some pics of 2013 goslings;

I charge $50 per gosling, sold straight run (unsexed).  I do ship, contact me with what you are interested in and your zip code for shipping costs. I will also be attending the Spring swap in Canby, OR.


  1. Do you have any SEBASTOPOL Geese available?

  2. No, I don't breed them anymore. :(