Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Bantam Frizzle Flock

I have a bantam frizzle cochin flock with lots of color!  I sold one of my frizzle flocks, so now I only have the one with a frizzled roo and smooth ladies.  (You always want to breed smooth to frizzle, never frizzle to frizzle.  Otherwise they can get double the frizzle gene and that's not good!)

Here is Mr. Frizz Frizz,   He is a very sweet boy!
 This is a young blue cochin hen.

This is Featherfoot, she is a very protective mama!  She is 2 yrs old and a red cochin.

And here is my little partridge girl.  She is very petite and laying petite little eggs already!

I also hope I have one or two mottled cochin girls to stick in there too.  Here is a pic of those youngins.
Come spring I should have lots of frizzled cochins!  Aren't frizzles fun??

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