Wednesday, January 19, 2011

White Polish Projects

One of my projects is to mix my silver laced polish hens with a buff laced polish rooster.  Here are some pics;
This is Elvis.  Isn't he cute?
Here are the girls.  There is currently a golden laced hen in here.  I was growing her out in here because she was close to the same age as the silver girls.  I need to enlarge the golden laced pen then she can go in there with Maestro.  Then I will put Friendly, my older silver laced hen in here with Elvis.  I am always playing musical birds to make sure everybirdy gets along and has enough space. =}  Anyway I have been told that this mixture of colors should come out primarily white.  I had the first fertile egg from this mixture go into lockdown today.  It is due to hatch on 1-22. I am so excited to see what it will look like!


  1. Those Polish should be due to hatch by now. . . I wanna see pics! Are they solid white?? Or are they Silver Laced?

  2. Here they are;