Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Bird Pictures!

Sorry I have been remiss in catching up my blog this week, I have been plagued with several migraines.  This week I have sold off several birds that don't work with my breeding plans and extra roosters.  It will be nice to have a drop in the feed bill!

Here are some pics of my sebbies!  The two original boys are not looking to me for as much attention as before.  Now they have their own girls. That is okay though. 

These are some busybirdies!  They are nibbling on the garden hose, extension cords, pulled the label off the BBQ propane tank, chewed stems to stick-like shrubs down to nubs, etc.  I don't mind they are worth it. =}
They are also very curious.  Whenever we are working outside they are right there seeing what is going on in their domain.  If we have guests over they honk at them until they think they have been intimidated sufficiently.

They are great eye candy for the yard and they eat less than a chicken in feed!  The hen that was given to me to set on the 2 sebbie eggs lost interest and so they are both in the incubator now.  They are on day 6 and when candled don't show anything yet.  Since these eggs take about 30 days to hatch, they grow slower and may not show growth until later.

I found some blue and splash marans in Kingston with Wade Jean bloodlines.  I bought 13 splash and 6 blue chicks last week. 

Doesn't that last one have a cute face??   These should make a nice breeding flock.   I chose to incorporate solid blue birds into my splash flock to keep the splash from washing out too much over time.  These birds will lay medium dark brown eggs. 

On Friday I had 3 polish chicks hatch.  It looks like there is 1 black, 1 blue and 1 splash.

I also ordered 5 blue polish from a hatchery that will come in March.  I hope to make a blue, black, splash polish pen with these. 

My 2 white polish project chicks are getting a little older.  They are getting buff colors on their wing feathers. 

The one on the right is bigger and very noisy when I pick him up.  I think it is a boy.  I think the one on the left is a girl...we shall see.

The cuckoo silkie chick is as cute as a button and tiny compared to all the long-legged polish he is in with. =}

I was trying to show what I think is barring showing on his wings.  I am really excited to add this color to my silkie plans.

My show quality silkies are looking really nice.  They are getting really puffy cheek feathers and crests. 

They kept panicking when the flash went off.  The last pic caught it on film.

Today I got my first egg from my buttercup hen.  I am so excited to hatch it!  Also one of my silver laced polish pullets laid her first egg today as well.  Spring is on it's way!

I have about 50 of my own eggs in the incubator to hatch out cuckoo marans, olive eggers, white polish, bantam frizzles, giant cochins, and white silkies from a friend.  As well as the 2 sebbie eggs and 85 jumbo coturnix quail eggs.  I plan to raise these quail for meat birds. 

I have a friend who is going to sell me his 11 bobwhite quail.  These will just be pets.  I love the call the males do!  Also he has offered me 4 peacocks. (2 males and 2 females) I am still thinking about these as they could be a bit much.  I may also buy some of his meat rabbits.  I would like to have a source of year around meat for our family that is healthy to eat.  I should be getting these animals this week. 

My friend and I are planning a road trip next Saturday to Seattle/Tacoma area to pick up some chickens, hatching eggs and a guinea pig.  I am sure I will have more to tell you about after that.

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