Saturday, January 22, 2011

Productive Few Days at the Farm

Yesterday my daughter and I were able to extend the duck coop so they have a little more room.  We also enlarged the run for the golden polish and Maestro.  So we were able to move some birds around.  Then we moved the boy tractor to new grass and put the divider back up in the silkie pen so that I could get some teens out of the garage.  It feels good to get so many projects done like this. 

Last night the wind blew the gate to Louie's pen open and Louie beat up Raptor (my cuckoo marans roo) pretty badly.  I stopped all the bleeding and put iodine on his cuts.  But he kept swallowing funny.  I finally looked in his mouth and it was bleeding profusely!  Louie must have grabbed the membrane under Raptors toungue and tore it.  I put flour in his mouth and the bleeding stopped.  Raptor was in shock, so I gave him vitamin water and put him in the garage bathroom for the night.  He was fine this morning, with a few more scars to show off to his ladies.  And I fixed the gate latch to Louie's pen!

I also had some people come and buy some birds in the last few days.  I sold one of our drakes to a nice person who will give him his own mate.  I sold my frizzled giant cochin roo to a nice couple who are really excited to give him his own harem.  And I sold all 5 of my cuckoo marans chicks to someone who is really excited about marans!  All in all a great weekend so far!

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