Monday, January 10, 2011

New Additions to Our Farm

We have had several recent additions to our farm.  They are all very exciting ones!  The first is a Frizzle rock rooster.  He is out of a white frizzle rooster and a barred rock hen.  He came out kinda crele colored with mahogany colors on his neck and black and white barred on his body and he's frizzled!  His name is Louisiana.
Isn't he a looker???
I am not quite sure about my plans for him yet.  Maybe put him with some barred rock hens and make pretty barred babies?  What do you think?

Then there is Flip, don't you just love his name?  He is a giant cochin coronation frizzle. What a mouthful!  He is only 2 months old and still has plenty of growing to do.  He will be part of my giant cochin breeding flocks when he grows up.

The last but certainly not least is the addition of a pair of Sicilian buttercups.  I started this pair and gave them to a friend a year ago.  Now she is moving and has graciously given them back to me. YAY!  I don't have any pictures of them yet as they are quite flighty and shy right now.  But they are adult and laying age, so I will have hatching eggs from them very soon.  The buttercup breed is very unique because of it's unusual comb.  It is in the shape of a crown or flower.  Here is a pic off the internet to give you the idea.


  1. Wow, I haven't been catching up enough on your blog lately. . . LOVE the name Baby Nibbles, it is so cute! The pretty frizzled guy there will go best with a red colored chicken to keep that mahogany and black barring. Don't worry, you will still get barring too. You'll get 50/50 barred and non-barred. However, what was the frizzle parent of his? Because he has a pea comb. . .

  2. She said dad was just a white frizzle. He got eaten by a raccoon, so....we will never know for sure. When I was looking up Louisiana's coloring, it was saying that the red cape only shows up on the boys and the girls are just a barred rock color. She confirmed this with her flock. Interesting. I am not sure where the pea comb came from.

  3. See that's what I don't like about a lot of "Frizzles" - people don't understand that any breed or mutt can be frizzled. It isn't a breed. I'd assume the white had a pea comb, thus your boy here has one. Yes, his color is a sex-linked production, however the girls should also have some red, just not as much as him. Their only true difference is not being barred. Breeding to another Barred Rock will get rid of his red, as it came from the white frizzle.

  4. Yes I agree about frizzles not being a breed, but they can make for some interesting mutts! Ok on breeding to reds. The thing is I just don't have any! I just sold 3 production reds this fall. grrr Thanks for your help!

  5. Your Easter Eggers. Those are also a "red" type color and will do just fine, in fact the offspring will be a Crele type color. Very beautiful. Plus, you'll get green eggs.

  6. That will be great. I will try that as soon as I get around to building another pen.... =}