Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giant Cochin Flock

Here is my flock of gentle giants.  They are giant cochins.  I have a black roo, that has a small amount of brown leakage in his hackles over 2 blue hens, 1 black frizzle hen and 1 splash hen.  I will warn you that I have gotten partridge babies out of this group.  Here are some pics of them.

This is Stud Muffin, my roo.  He is very pretty!  He is 9 months old and takes his job seriously. I bought him from OregonJen on BYC.
These are the twin blues.  I bought them from OregonJen on BYC.  They are going on 3 years old.
 This is Penny the splash lady and I bought her form a BYCer in Eastern Wa.  She is 9 months old.
This is my black frizzle girl.  She is 7 months old.  I bought her locally.  She is all black and gorgeous!

I hope to get my colors better on this flock.  In order to produce blue, black and splash (b/b/s) from this flock I will need to get a blue roo.  So I acquired one from a friend.  He is young, but will grow quickly.  His name is Little Boy Blue.   This should take care of both getting splash colors and not getting partridge.

My silkies are babysitting  him right now.  Here is a pic of a few chicks out of my current group.

Here is an adorable little blue boy.  I could tell he was a boy at two days old!  He was trilling at the new babies telling them to be quiet because he thought there was danger when my dog barked. How cute!
 Here is the little partridge one.

Here are the show quality giant cochins I recently hatched.  I hope to use some of these birds to improve my flock.  I hope to keep a blue roo over 2 black hens, 2 blue hens, 2 splash hens and 1 barred hen.  I think the ones with white chests are barred cochins and the little white one is a splash.  Don't you just love the furry legs?


  1. very nice fowl, i have 2 female with no male.. still trying to find one.. so hard to find in Malaysia :(

  2. I wish you were closer, I would gladly share a rooster with you! =}

  3. hi there, i already bought one light brahma rooster.. now i have mix breed between both of them.. not pure breed but its nice to see too... :)
    Please click this link: