Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 falls pics of geese

Here are the goslings I kept for growing out or bought to add to my flocks.  Most of them are breeders for next year.  I am having so much fun with the colors!

2014 Updates

Hi all, sorry I haven't been on in so long!  I had trouble logging in to this account and never took the time to solve it until today.  So welcome back!

I have had many changes on our little farm since I last posted!  I sold my Mille Fleur cochin banties to a friend that lives near me.  I just needed to have a few less breeding pens to take care of.  Last winter the weather was cold for several weeks at a time and made for lots of bucket carrying to fill water bowls.  Then I also sold my Crele polish.  I bought tolbunt polish for a short time, but they were silly and barely a chicken.  They would just sit in the rain and I had to physically put them in their coop every night.  They are just pretty, that is all!  And I bought a trio of Mandarin ducks.  They are very pretty too.

They didn't end up hatching any babies in the spring and my daughter had moved out so I had lots more chores to do with the birds.  So I needed to downsize.  I have since sold everything except a good sized laying flock, a small flock of call ducks, about 40 muscovies, 40 seb geese, a quad of royal palm turkeys and a hodgepodge flock of runners and mallards that run together.   Much more manageable.  I will still be hatching other people's hatching eggs and of course my water fowl., but I had to downsize the farm a little.  Thanks for watching!