Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Announcing More New Additions

I am so very ecstatic to announce that I found 3 more sebbies!  Yay!  There are 2 girls and another boy.  So I have 5 now.  They are a big honking gaggle of geese. =}  The new ones are nearing 1 year old and one of the girls is already laying eggs!  The man I bought them from in Redmond had two of the her eggs under a broody hen and gave me both! 

Then since gas is so expensive I decided to make the trip worth wile and make one more stop in Kingston.  I found a man with quality birds that is starting a hatchery.  So cool!  I bought 12 splash and 6 blue marans from him!  Most are only days old but a few are a few weeks old.  They are adorable!  What a steal!

I will take pics of all of them soon!

I have had 3 olive eggers and 1 more white polish chick hatch yesterday and today.  I also have 5 blue/splash polish pipping today!  So eggsciting!

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