Friday, January 14, 2011

Silkie Hatch Complete

The silkies finished hatching last night.  I hatched a total of 17.  They are pretty cute.  There is one black one that is having trouble walking, so not sure if he will thrive.  Here are a few more pictures.  Boy they don't like posing for pictures! They are drying completely and getting more fluffy.

Some of them have so full of crests and cheek feathers that it is hard to see their eyes!

Update on the giant cochin hatch last week;  They are doing well and growing fast.  I don't think they will fit in the brooder much longer.  Here are a few pics of them, but they all ran away from the flash.

They are more laid back than even the silkies!  They are so gentle and fluffy!

I am having some troubles with hatching in my incubator.  The reason is because I am doing staggered hatches.  During the last 3 days of an eggs incubation, humidity is supposed to be considerably higher.  Well if I am raising the humidity and there are eggs in there that are not hatching right then, it messes them up.  So I have made a hatcher. It is a separate incubator to put the eggs into during the last 3 days.  This way you can keep one with high humidity and the other where it is supposed to be.  Here is a picture of the hatcher and my incubator.
This is an older homemade incubator.  The one I started with.  I am using my sweatshirt to insulate the top until I get a piece of pink foam board cut to size.  And yes, that is a maxi pad you see inside.  They are great sponges to raise the humidity. =}
This is my homemade incubator that hold 122 eggs at a time!  Woot, woot!

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