Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Laced Polish X Mottled Houdan Project

I am trying to breed a golden laced polish hen and a mottled houdan rooster to see if I can get a calico-colored, crested chicken.   It should come out with black, brown and white on it.  Since Mottled houdans have 5 toes, it might have that too.  We shall see.

Introducing.....Maestro!  He is one pretty boy!  I got him from a friend that lives in Port Townsend. =}  He is very gentlemanly with my girls.

I have 2 Golden Laced hens with Maestro.  The girls are from Welp hatchery.  I am collecting there eggs and trying to hatch them now.  I will post when I see what they look like.

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