Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sicilian Buttercups

I have a nice little flock of a rare breed called Sicilian Buttercups.  They are a standard breed, but run on the small size.  They are a little flighty but have interesting personalities.

Aren't they a handsome pair?  They are hatchery birds, but this breed is pretty unusual.  I just love their crown or flower shaped combs!   I recently added 3 more hens, so now I have 4 hens and the one roo.
Here is the flock together.  I will be selling hatching eggs and chicks from these guys.  Please contact me for availability.  I have some eggs in the incubator as we speak.

I am even more excited to put together my frizzled buttercup pen!  I was given a frizzled buttercup cockerel who is just gorgeous and I bought 2 pullets from the hatchery.   So when they get a little older I will breed frizzled buttercups!
 Here is the young frizzled roo.  Isn't he pretty?


  1. Alright, way to go on the rare breed! I know they're hatchery birds, but still, it is so nice to see someone around here have a pair of something truly rare.

  2. These chickens are so beautiful. Been wanting some and I think I won them on the Crazy Egg Swap. So excited. :0)

    Carol and Denis