Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chicks are coming out of my ears!

I currently have 61 chicks in my house!  Thankfully many are going to their new homes today.  I am taking 10 to the Agnew store to be sold, 12 buckeyes and 3 silkies are getting picked up today, a woman from Joyce wants 10 buckeyes, a man from Wenatchee is coming for 4 chicks on Saturday and hopefully more will sell as well.  They are going out almost as fast as they are hatching.  All in time for the next batch of chicks to hatch next weekend!  Whew!  It is a busy time of year.  I am putting in duck eggs to be hatched in time for Easter.  I also have 6 goose eggs in the bator.  That is exciting!

Here are a couple of cutie pie muscovy ducklings in the mix.
 Fluffy butt shot!
Here are one of the brooders.  Ducklings, silkies, buckeyes, buff brahmas and cuckoo marans.  When some of the chicks are picked up then I can spread them out more.  They are pretty crowded now, even though everybirdy is playing nice. =}

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