Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Chicks are Here!

Well this winter was the first time I didn't hatch chicks.  It was tough to support my bird's feed bill this way. Usually the chicks bring in  some income to cover the food.  Anyway, it is the beginning of the year and I have started hatching again!  I have had 2 batches of chicks hatch already and the third is hatching as I type.  They are so cute and I forget how small!  Angew grocery, near my house has been selling my chicks for the last 2 weeks.  It is so cool!
Here are some chicks I have left over from the second hatch.  They are for sale. =}
 Here are a couple of partridge silkies from my flock.
And here are some big, fluffy buff brahmas.

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