Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exciting Days at the Farm

Well we have several exciting things happening around here.  Well my sebbie goose is laying an egg every day!  And this am I had 3 ducks eggs!  WOW these girls are really getting into gear for spring.  A local feed store has also asked me to hatch 25 chicks for Easter time for them.  I  have a chicken swap in Oregon coming up the day before Easter.  I will be going down to sell chicks, ducklings, extra adults, hatching eggs etc.  And of course picking up a few too. =}  I also have a chick order coming from a new hatchery, called Farwest on March 16th.  I ordered 60 chicks. 

I have so many chicks now that I may actually have to stop putting eggs into the bator!  What a novel idea!

We bred the rabbits on Feb 9th and so in a couple of weeks should have baby bunnies too!  Lots of Easter goodness around here!

I have decided to sell the quail I hatched last weekend because they are just too cute to butcher.  I have a buyer lined for them already.  She is a regular customer of mine.

Tally ho!

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