Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of Birds!

 This weekend a bevy of birds hatched at my house!  I hatched 19 quail and 27 chicken chicks.  Whew!  My kitchen is full of boxes/cages of chicks.  It has been a busy weekend.  Here are some pics of the new birds.
 Here is the first one that hatched.  They are so tiny, about the size of your thumbnail and about the 10th of the size of a chicken chick!
I modified a bird cage that we had to hold them.  I put cardboard on the side and bottom because at this stage they can fit through the bars.  They are doing great!
Here are a bowl full of them when I moved them from the hatcher to their cage.  They remind me of large bumble bees!  They run everywhere instead of walking and stumbling like a chicken chick.  These are jumbo coturnix quail and I was raising them to eat.  They get big enough to butcher in 8 wks!  But I am thinking they may be a bit small to bother with.  I think I may stick to the rabbits. 

I also had 27 chicken chicks hatch in the following breeds; giant cochin, olive eggers, cuckoo marans, buff polish and frizzles.  They are very cute and only 1 egg didn't hatch.  Here are some pics from them.

 This is Puffalump! It is a blue or splash giant cochin.  Isn't he adorable??
I have birds coming out of my ears!  te he  But they don't take up much room when they are little do they? =}

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