Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Olive Egger Project

I am attempting to make a breed mix that will lay olive colored eggs, aptly named Olive Eggers.   To do this I am breeding my Easter Eggers (green egg layer)  with my Cuckoo Marans (dark brown egg layer). 

 These are a couple of my Easter Egger girls
 And here is my cuckoo marans rooster.  His name is Raptor. 
Here is one of their cutie pie babies!
Here is one from the last hatch that looks like it will be a blue barred!  YAY!
One really cool thing with cuckoo/barred birds is that you can sex them as soon as they hatch!  It is pretty reliable.  The boys have a solid white dot on their heads and the girls only have a dusting of white on theirs.
This should be an interesting project.  Both parents are from hatcheries.  But the marans have decently dark eggs anyway.  Here is an example;
I don't have any adult olive eggers yet to show you what color their eggs will be, but later this summer I should.

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