Monday, February 7, 2011

Guinea Pig, Hatching Eggs and Silkies, Oh My!

Well my friend Celia and I took a "chicken road trip" over to Seattle area.  We stopped in Bothell to pick up a good quality Buff Cochin rooster for her flock and another stop in Bothell to pick up a free guinea pig for Celia's daughter.  The pig's name is Hammy and she came with a cage, food, a ball to play in etc.  Her daughter Hazel is enjoying the new pet. Next on to Monroe, to our Silkie breeder's place.  This lady has collected show quality silkies from all over the U.S. to make up her breeding flocks.  She had several young birds, chicks and hatching eggs for sale.  Celia bought 2 doz of her hatching eggs.  And we bought all of her young birds and chicks between the two of us.  I ended up with about 35 birds from her and Celia about 23.  We had Celia's car full of chickens!  It was a fun and productive trip.  Here are some pics of the birds from the trip.

These silkies are so poofy and cute, they are hard to resist.  I will pick the best from the best to make up my breeding flocks and sell the extras.

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