Monday, February 7, 2011

Farm Updates

It has been really busy here at our little farm.  We are collecting lots of eggs.  Sometimes up to 30 a day!  I am saving most of my purebred eggs to hatch and sell the babies.  But I had to reduce the amount I was saving because my incubator got full!  Some exciting news is that one of my duck hens is laying an egg every day!  They look fertile and I am going to incubate them.  Sadly the 2 sebbie goose eggs did not turn out to be fertile.  My incubator now has 123 eggs in it (plumb full!) so I had to move the 85 quail eggs into the hatcher a few days early.  They go into lockdown tomorrow. 
Aren't all those little spotted eggs cute?  I didn't candle them because the spots would make it difficult to see through the shell.

We had a little bantam white cochin rooster that was being too rough on our young group.  So I separated him in a kennel in the garage.  Well my son David fell in love with him and has taken him on as a pet.  His name is Pee Wee.  He is a friendly little rooster and we are often carrying him around the house. =},

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