Thursday, March 3, 2011

News on the Farm

Hi everyone!   It has been super busy here on our little farm!  This week we picked up 6 new bunnies, 3 turkeys, lots of cages, 4 doves and hatched 45 chicks!!  The new rabbits we got are: 1 more American Chinchilla doe, 1 unfriendly mini-lop doe (which we will re-home), and 4 lion heads (still not positive we will keep them all).  I will try to get some pics of them soon.  We are still trying to get their cages cleaned and repaired as they are not in great shape.  The 3 turkeys we picked up I was hoping to add to my laying flock to keep our little midget white turkey hen company, but alas, the tom fought with my rooster and it didn't work out.  They all went to live at my friend Celia's house.  I brought home 4 ring neck doves last night for pets.  Unfortunately, one flew away this am when I opened the door to feed them.  And then there were three....

Most of the chicks that hatched this week were from my birds and are for sale.  Shyanne and I vaccinated all of them for Marek's too.  We managed to not vaccinate ourselves and the chicks seem to be doing fine.  Whew, that was a little stressful.  They peep the whole time like you are killing them!

I sold 10 chicks today.  YAY!   I hatched 2 Barnevelders, who lay brown eggs with speckles, and 6 Easter Eggers who lay green eggs and a couple of silkies for our own flocks as well.  These little guys are adding up quickly!  I have stopped putting chicken eggs in the bator.  This week I put in 7 sebbies goose eggs and 9 runner duck eggs.  Keep your fingers crossed.  The first 2 ducks eggs are going into lockdown tomorrow.  Should be exciting!

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