Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Spring Here?

Hi everyone!  The days are getting longer and warmer; we have baby bunnies, chicks and ducklings hatching; I think Spring has finally sprung! 
Well I finally got pictures of the growing bunnies and then they have changed very quickly!  These pics are from when they were 1 week old and still had their eyes closed.  When they were born, they were the size of a mouse and looked like naked mole-rats!  At one week they fit in the palm of my hand.

They are now 2 weeks old and the size of a big fist.  They have their eyes open and are hopping around the box.  They will soon be venturing out of the box.  Here are some more recent pics.

That last one cracked me up!  He looks like a chinchilla or something, not really a bunny!
In about 1 1/2 weeks our lion head doe is due with her babies.  I bet they will be really small!

This week I sold about 12 birds and culled about 12 more. (mostly roosters)  This made it possible for me to consolidate some pens together and thus reduce my watering and feeding chores.  I had a crazy amount of birds in my garage!  So now I am down to 2 pens in there.  My garage has about one inch of bird dust and is getting kinda grodey.  My plan is to get them all out soon and clean out the garage.  In order to do this we had to build a pen for the youngsters to live in.  We hope to finish this today and move the active chicks in my living room into it.  They are getting too big for their Rubbermaid bins and once in a while there is one running around the house.  te he  Last week we also added a run on to one end of the silkie pen.  It is so nice to see them playing in the sunshine!

Well as many of you know, my Farwest chick order fell through due to their difficulties.  I ended up finding 26 buff brahma chicks at clallam co-op during chick day.  That was handy!  The chicken swap in Oregon is coming up fast.  It is on April 23rd.  I am already planning which birds I will take.  I already have several reserved for people.  I plan to take all my extra silkies.  I have a lot of extra boys.  They are just getting to where I can tell if they are boys or girls, so it is perfect timing. 

A couple of weeks ago I bought 6 laying hens from a friend.  There are 3 blue and 1 splash New Jersey Giants that lay brown/pinkish eggs and 2 blue Ameracaunas that lay blue/green eggs.  They are already laying and very nice hens.  They fit in my laying flock very easily.  Here they are.

The darkest hen is my favorite.  Her name is Mary and she lets me pet her while she eats out of my hand!

We have a broody hen setting on 3 eggs in the coop.  They are a special order for a customer.  I also have 3 ducklings and 2 of our own silkies in the hatcher, due today!  Then the goose eggs go into the hatcher today too!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I also have the order for 25 eggs (I put in 40) for the local feed store that requested them near Easter.

I am getting tons of eating eggs now!  If you know of anyone that would like to buy farm fresh eggs, please give them my number!  I have so many surplus I am having to cook them and feed them back to the chickens!

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