Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farmy News

It has been so busy at our little postage stamp farm that I have hardly had time to write! Well the 6 sebbie eggs are still growing in the incubator.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We may have some goslings soon!  Nibbles has stopped laying and another of the girl geese has started to lay.  That is great!  I had to get some more kennels for extra nesting spots because one day I found nibbles with egg yolk all over her!  The girls must have fought over Nibbles' nest and broken an egg.

I hatched a total of 4 more runner ducklings last weekend.  They are now friends with the single duckling from the week before.   I already have the 4 sold too!  Here are some pics of those adorable babies in my bathtub!  (that is where I brood yucklings....oops I meant ducklings)  =} 
 Here is the chocolate duckling that is 1 week older than the others.
 There are two blues (gray) and one buff/white (the yellow one) and one brown one in the younger batch.

 Isn't that adorable?  Like it stuck it's finger in the light socket! te he

They have so much fun playing in the water!  I give them little pieces of lettuce and green peas and they go crazy!

Well I just didn't have enough ducklings so yesterday I bought some more!  I bought 5 buff call ducklings.  They are 2 weeks old, but a banty sized duck, so they went right in with my runners.  They are so cute and different than my runners.  They are a little skittish of us, but this will change.  So 10 ducklings in the tub!  I will get pics of the new ones soon.  Meanwhile, here is a pic of what they should look like when adults.
I have to go now....more later!

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