Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Sebbie Goslings!

Hi yall!  My new sebbie goslings arrived today!  I am so excited to introduce Pish Posh (the gander), Poppyseed and Sassafrass.  They traveled all the way from Florida and took two days through "overnight" mail.  But they arrived in good shape.  Pish Posh has a small puncture wound from the hay in the box, but we are treating and expect it to heal up nicely.  Here are some pictures of them.

Here they are taking their bath after traveling a long way in a box.  The two bigger gray ones are the girls and the smaller blonde one is the boy.

And here they are exploring the living room.  Little Pish Posh kept running away from the camera! The girls loved their pics taken!  The breeder seems to have taught them not to nibble on fingers.  What a great idea!  Pat, are you reading?  She says to say a firm no and tap them on the nose.  It may be hard to break now, but you can always try.  I love my new goosies!

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