Monday, May 14, 2012

This weekend we got a new goose brought to us.  She (we hope) was dumped at a park in Mount Lake Terrace (north Seattle) and was being abused by kids and dogs and starving.  And since she doesn't belong there and was making a mess, the city wanted to put her down!  UGH!   Some very nice people took an interest in her and talked to me.  I told them if they caught her and brought her to me, I would get her back to health and find her a good home (if we don't keep her ourselves).  Her name is Gertrude, we call her Gurty, the purty birdy! te he
She is very friendly, but scared of the dogs and if you carry anything (I think people tried to hit her with objects ={ so sad!) and being alone.  Last night when I opened my gate and let my geese into the other pasture, they all left her and she got very upset.  So I brought Goosey (my sebbie gander) over to keep her company and then she was happy!
She is a beautiful toulouse goose.
 Here is Gurty hanging out with Goosey and the two gray goslings through the fence.  They are fast friends.

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