Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More sebbies!

I have some really exciting news!  As you know, my geese hatched 5 goslings this spring.  They are doing very well and getting huge!  They are almost ready to go out into the big wide world, but since I lost a hen to an eagle yesterday, they will stay in a locked pen a while longer.  Mom, dad and aunt pace the outside of the gosling pen, but this way they are safe.

Sebastopol geese come in colors besides white.  They come in buff, gray, saddleback and some others too.  I have been wanting some colored sebbies for a while now.  I found a breeder in Florida who breeds colored sebbies, with reasonable prices and will ship them in a healthy way and I bought three yesterday!  I bought two dark gray girls and a boy who will likely be lighter colored, like a lavender or splash.  They are 2 weeks old and will ship to me next week.  I am so excited!  Here are some pictures of them.

The two girls.  I decided to name them Sassafrass and Poppyseed.

Here is the boy.  I know it's not a very good pic, but she promised to take more soon.  His name will be Pish Posh.

Here is a picture of what the girls will look like. (and this is Pish Posh's dad)
Isn't he gorgeous?  He is flapping his wings if you wondered...

I will update you if I get more pictures and of course, when they arrive.  Happy Spring!

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