Friday, April 6, 2012

Sebastopol Goslings 2012

This year I took 6 eggs from my sebbie geese and let them have the rest to set on.  Well I hatched 3 out of 6 eggs in the incubator and they were adorable!  They imprinted on us and we had so much fun spending time with them, but they were presold.  So yesterday the new owners picked them up.  The house is really quiet.  Here are some pictures of them.

Here they are when they first came out of the hatcher and they were still a little wet.

Here they are on day 2. They are nice a fluffy and very curious!  So cute.  They follow us around and come when you call.  They also call for me occasionally.

Here they are on day 4 playing outside in the sunshine.  The adult geese were nearby and honking and the babies would look up like who said that?  te he

Then my goose, Snow White set on 8 eggs and she hatched 5 goslings under her!  They are cute and not friendly, but that is okay, it makes them integrate with the geese much easier.  Snow White is doing a good job taking care of them.  They are about 1 week old now.
Here are some pics of them.

My other goose, Baby Nibbles was setting on 6 eggs too, but she decided she would rather help take care of the 5 goslings instead and abandoned her nest.  That is okay with me, 5 goslings is enough to add to our flock. Now Nibbles is helping Snow take care of the babies.   Happy Easter everyone!

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