Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shipping goslings

If you are interested in buying goslings from me and having them shipped here are some FAQs.
  • Here is the box I use when they are young and small;
  • This box can fit 4-6 young goslings in it. 
  •  I provide gro gel and straw bedding to keep them comfortable.
  • I have had several goslings shipped to me clear across the United States successfully. 
  •  I ship using only USPS Express shipping.  This takes overnight to the west coast and 2 days to the east coast.
  • Shipping birds is a risk, but I have not lost any yet.
  •  I ship to the U.S. only.  I cannot ship to Hawaii.
  • All goslings must be up on their feet, eating, drinking and thriving before I will ship them.
  • I can provide a shipping box for you, if you need it.  This cost will be included in your shipping fee.
  • You will be charged actual shipping costs.  I can give you an estimate, but you will need to pay exact shipping costs.

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  1. I have a 4 year old Sebastopol gander. Unfortunatley, when he and his mate were about two months old, a visitor left our gate open and a dog killed his mate. I am looking for one Sebastopol to be his mate. I have a large secure yard with two ponds with mountain stream water. While Dweezil and I are very good friends, I would love to see him with a spouse of his own. Do you know of anyone with a female Sebastopol for sale who can ship to central California? Thank you, Bill in Bishop, CA My email address is: